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Do we, like them, recognize the Spirit’s voice in the midst of all others? Are we alert to His promptings and eager to obey? Will we allow His warmth and love to fill our hearts and flow through our hands?

1. Demented Summer 2. Whispers from the Past 3. Save a Heart, Take a Soul 4. Potter Lives Again 5. Harry Goes to Trial 6. A Stinky Start 7. Waffling and No Shouting 8. Umbridge's First Class 9. Chess 10. Inquisition on High 11. Moving Backwards and Forwards 12. Quidditch Troubles 13. The Return of Hagrid 14. Snake Eyes 15. Secrets are Stupid 16. And It's Done 17. Into The Light 18. No New Would Have Been Good News 19. Quibbling About Marv 20. The Toss Out 21. What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up? 22. OWLS Round Two 23. The Planted Vision 24. Not So Mysterious, Huh? 25. Outwitting Death Eaters 26. I'm Not Your Ghost Anymore 27. The Odd Couple 28. Cat's Out of the Bag