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In the early 1800s, the Ottoman Empire suffered a number of setbacks which challenged the existence of the country. It first became evident with the Serbian Revolution in 1804, which resulted in the self-liberation of the first Balkan Christian nation under the Ottoman occupation. The Greek War of Independence , which began in the spring of 1821, provided further evidence of the internal and military weakness of the Ottoman Empire, and the commission of atrocities by Ottoman military forces (see Chios massacre ) also failed to help the Ottomans. The disbandment of the centuries-old Janissary corps by Sultan Mahmud II on 15 June 1826 ( Auspicious Incident ) helped the Ottoman Empire in the longer term, but in the short term it deprived the country of its existing standing army. [ clarification needed ] In 1828, the allied Anglo-Franco-Russian fleet destroyed almost all the Ottoman naval forces during the Battle of Navarino . In 1830, Greece became an independent state after 10 years of war and the Russo-Turkish War of 1828–29 . According to the 1829 Treaty of Adrianople , Russian and Western European commercial ships were authorized to freely pass through the Black Sea straits , Serbia received autonomy, and the Danubian Principalities ( Moldavia and Wallachia ) became territories under Russian protection.

From John R. Deni :
Poised to Defend: Rebalancing US Force Posture in Europe and Beyond – Rollout Event from Atlantic Council

In December 1944, a major German offensive is launched against the Allies in the Ardennes Mountains region on the Western Front.

I think that in this war there is no peace so I think it`s our job fight for peace let`s make aour world a better place!!!!!

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William Rubinstein wrote "Pre-literate societies, even those organised in a relatively advanced way, were renowned for their studied cruelty...'archaeology yields evidence of prehistoric massacres more severe than any recounted in ethnography [., after the coming of the Europeans].'" [30]

War You Got The PowerWar You Got The PowerWar You Got The PowerWar You Got The Power