Siam farewell siam - SIAM: Farewell Symposium on Industrial Mattheijmatics.

In Buddhist legend it is believed that Queen Maya (mother of the Buddha) was only able to conceive after having a dream that a white elephant entered inside her. This is why the white elephant (see below) is seen as highly auspicious and enjoys royal status in Thailand.

We at Pattaya Express want that our customers would have a nice impression from the very beginning of their visit in Thailand. We do all our best to provide you with a smooth and comfortable transfer. We believe you highly value your own time and comfort. Would you like to waste from 45 minutes to two hours of your priceless time in a crowded place with crying babies, loudly chattering teenagers, etc.? If you arrived with your own children, would you wish them to suffer in the overwhelmed queue? Recall your childhood: how did you feel when you had to stand in a long waiting line? Would you take a chance not to arrive promptly in an important meeting if you came for a business trip?

Siam Farewell SiamSiam Farewell SiamSiam Farewell SiamSiam Farewell Siam