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Fischer was institutionalized at age 16 for attacking his mother with a knife. Following his release, Fischer wandered . singing his unique brand of songs for 10¢ to by-passers. Discovered by Frank Zappa , with whom he recorded his first album, Fischer became an underground concert favorite, earning him the title "godfather of outsider music." Zappa was responsible for Fischer's initial foray into the business of music, an album called An Evening with Wild Man Fischer, contains 36 tracks of "something not exactly musical." Frank and the Wild Man remained close–until Fischer threw a beer bottle at baby Moon Unit.

Fischer remained something of a Peel favorite. On the final programme of the 1987 series Peeling Back The Years , John Walters asked the DJ whether this was because he thought, “Gosh, I wish I could be as loopy and confident." Peel replied, "Yes, I think that’s a very important part of it. I mean, I envy people who at least give the impression of being uninhibited." He also expressed a strong preference for Fischer over Bruce Springsteen . [1]

An imposing stadium that dominates Lincoln, few places are more intimidating for visiting teams to enter. The small touches and exterior are carefully constructed in a classy way and the sellout streak dating back to 1962 certainly adds to the venue's lore. The sight lines are great and the massive press box is filled with very nice luxury suites.

Wild Man Fischer The Circle Merry Go RoundWild Man Fischer The Circle Merry Go RoundWild Man Fischer The Circle Merry Go RoundWild Man Fischer The Circle Merry Go Round