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In addiction, there is no such physiological malfunction.  The best physical evidence put forward by the disease proponents falls totally flat on the measure of representing a physiological malfunction.  This evidence is the much touted brain scan[1].  The organization responsible for putting forth these brain scans, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Addiction (NIDA), defines addiction in this way:

I will say this: your best bet is always to act like a foreigner.  You cannot "be Taiwanese" nor will fluency in language make you more comfortable or help you navigate better.  In difficult situations stick to English.  Smile a lot.  Say nothing.

Related involuntary actions are copropraxia , performing obscene or forbidden gestures, [3] and coprographia , making obscene writings or drawings. [4]

Social Disease Utter NutterSocial Disease Utter NutterSocial Disease Utter NutterSocial Disease Utter Nutter