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In 1962, homegrown Detroit R&B was at its apex. As the music of Nolan Strong, Nathaniel Mayer, the Volumes, the Falcons and a gaggle of early Motown hits filled the airwaves, so did the music of Gino Washington. Gino scored two local back to back hits in "Out of This World" and "Gino Is a Coward" in 1963-64 while breaking down racial barriers by working the white-teen-club circuit with a Caucasian backing band, the fire breathing Jeff and the Atlantics. Gino, known in those days as 'Jumpin' Gino', was a mesmerizing live performer who was equal parts James Brown and Wilson Pickett, if both of those artists had also decided to sing music that drew equally from the wells of rock'n'roll and R&B. After being drafted in the Army at the peak of his early success, he found his bit of micro-fame being usurped by a British-based soul singer named Geno Washington, who released several dance albums while our hero was cooling his heels in the service of Uncle Sam. He returned to recording in 1967, releasing old stockpiled material and new sides on local labels into the 1970s while he hosted his own television variety show on a local Detroit station. A collection of the best of Washington's early sides is available on Norton's Out of This World , a marvelous souvenir of a time in Detroit rock'n'roll history when the possibilities seemed endless.

The group had two of the biggest selling UK albums of the 1960s, both of which were live albums. Their most commercially successful album, Hand Clappin, Foot Stompin, Funky-Butt ... Live! , was in the UK Albums Chart for 38 weeks in 1966 and 1967, peaking at number 5 on the chart. The other album was Hipster Flipsters Finger Poppin' Daddies , which reached number 8 on the UK album chart. [1] The group had a number of moderate UK Singles Chart hits during 1966–67 on the Pye label: "Water" (which reached ), "Hi Hi Hazel" (), "Que Sera Sera" () and "Michael (The Lover)" (). They managed to build up a strong following with the crowds due to their energetic tour performances. Like their Pye label mates and rivals Jimmy James and the Vagabonds , they became popular with the mod scene. The band broke up in the autumn of 1969, with the band members going their own ways while Geno Washington continued as a solo artist, prior to returning to the United States. Keyboard player Geoffrey K. Pullum became an academic linguist, and is today a professor at the University of Edinburgh and a well-known linguistics blogger at the Language Log and Lingua Franca websites. [2]

Gino Washington Gino Is A Coward Puppet On A StringGino Washington Gino Is A Coward Puppet On A StringGino Washington Gino Is A Coward Puppet On A StringGino Washington Gino Is A Coward Puppet On A String