The myxx mixed up dont ever leave me - The Myxx Mixed Up Dont

1530s, back-formation from Middle English myxte (early 15c.) "composed of more than one element, of mixed nature," from Anglo-French mixte , from Latin mixtus , past participle of miscere "to mix, mingle, blend; fraternize with; throw into confusion," from PIE *meik- "to mix" (cf. Sanskrit misrah "mixed," Greek misgein , mignynai "to mix, mix up, mingle; to join, bring together; join (battle); make acquainted with," Old Church Slavonic mešo , mesiti "to mix," Russian meshat , Lithuanian maišau "to mix, mingle," Welsh mysgu ). Also borrowed in Old English as miscian . Related: Mixed ; mixing .

mix up ( third-person singular simple present mixes up , present participle mixing up , simple past and past participle mixed up )