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In the dank woods there are now many dead trees lying about with rotten bark on them. If you break off a large piece of this bark from an ash tree, you will sometimes discover an intriguing sign of life. There is a tiny brown beetle, called the ash bark beetle, that lives beneath the bark. The female beetle digs out a long narrow tunnel, called the main gallery, between the bark and the wood, and when her eggs hatch the larvae dig long side galleries on either side of it. If the wood and the bark are taken apart, the wood and the inside layer of the bark are found to have a delightful pattern incised in them. It is in the form of a fern, with a broad stem, where the main gallery was dug, with long wavering fronds on either side of it. If you chop ash logs to make firewood, you can sometimes see the beetles — which are very common — come running out of them.

PIL The Famous Riot ShowPIL The Famous Riot ShowPIL The Famous Riot Show