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"This drama, financed by DST Communications, a subsidiary of Delta Sigma Theta, the world's largest black sorority, centers around the revolutionary leader of a fictionalized African nation, Fahari. He is being hunted by a mercenary hired by a big corporation disgruntled by the rebel's policies because they are cutting into the company's profits. The film features a notable soundtrack by Manu Dibango, an African musician." ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Dibango's uncle was the leader of his extended family. Upon his death, Dibango's father refused to take over, as he never fully initiated his son into the Yabassi's customs. Throughout his childhood, Dibango slowly forgot the Yabassi language in favour of the Duala . However, his family did live in the Yabassi encampment on the Yabassi plateau , close to the Wouri River in central Douala. [5] While a child, Dibango attended Protestant church every night for religious education, or nkouaida . He enjoyed studying music there, and reportedly was a fast learner. [4]

Manu Dibango Countdown At KusiniManu Dibango Countdown At KusiniManu Dibango Countdown At KusiniManu Dibango Countdown At Kusini