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A dance from before the conversion of the Philippines to Christianity is called the Maglalatik . It represents a fierce battle between the Moro tribesmen (wearing red trousers) and the Christian soldiers from Spain (wearing blue). Both groups wear harnesses with coconut shells attached tightly to their bodies which are struck repeatedly with other shells held in the hands.

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Some current members believe that the ban was wrongly instituted by Brigham Young and was not really God's will. Others believe it was God's will and the reasons were as many of the leaders taught for 150 years, that blacks were cursed and less valiant in the pre-existence. Many other Latter-day Saints believe it was God's will but they do not know the reason. Since 1978, the Church has avoided publicly commenting on the reasons for the ban in the first place.

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"It was a genuine "Americana" auction," Department Head Lynda Cain said. "The sale featured items from north to south, formal to folk, mourning jewelry to weathervanes to Gothic Revival chairs to Native American arts. Fresh-to-the-market regional property was also represented and included a previously unrecorded chest of drawers, circa 1725, attributed to the Bartram joiner. We look forward to another success in April and are already seeking consignments of similar material with strong provenance."

In the 1960s, Irwin Silber replaced Smith's covers with a Ben Shahn photograph of a poor Depression-era farmer, over Smith's objections, although others [ who? ] have considered this a wise commercial choice in the politically charged atmosphere of the folk movement during that decade.

Various American Folk Singers And BalladeersVarious American Folk Singers And BalladeersVarious American Folk Singers And BalladeersVarious American Folk Singers And Balladeers