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Dragon eggs tended to be the same color as the dragon's scales, as did the color of their Rider's magic (the latter seeming odd, as the unbonded magician's magic is that particular colour before the egg is presented to them, .. Arya). Their scales were very strong, capable of deflecting arrows , even on the underbelly. The wings were the weakest part of their body, composed of only a thin membrane of flesh (Saphira often had holes punched in them once her wards failed). Females tended to be more aggressive, vain, as well as stronger than males: Saphira often called herself the "most beautiful creature in all of Alagaësia", as well as attacking Glaedr when he decided not to mate with her. Glaedr himself said that in the wild, the "females were so formidable, it was considered among the bonded dragons a great achievement to mate with one". For most dragons, the color of their eyes and hide matched (with the exception of Fírnen and Shruikan). The dragons also contained barbed toungues which were used to strip meat. All dragons ate meat, especially deer and other ungulates. The dragons were similar to other creatures, namely the Nïdhwal and the Fanghur who were said by Glaedr to be "cousins of the dragons", however, whilst the Nïdhwal were of comparable intellect to the dragons, the Fanfhur were far inferior. The Lethrblaka were also said to resemble the dragons somewhat in their appearance.

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The large doors opened and Tyrion, Missandei and their guests entered the room. Tyrion walked towards the steps whilst Missandei ascended the steps and stood beside her. A few men moved away and a large white wolf was revealed. She gasped in surprise and then saw Jon Snow walking next to it. Her breath hitched as the man in her dreams stood before her.

The Dragons My Uncle Cicero Whos WhoThe Dragons My Uncle Cicero Whos WhoThe Dragons My Uncle Cicero Whos WhoThe Dragons My Uncle Cicero Whos Who