Various in vitro ii - Glycerolipid Biosynthesis in Porcine Adipose Tissue In.

Simultaneous separation and quantification of ezetimibe (EZM) and its phase-I metabolite ., ezetimibe ketone (EZM-K) and phase-II metabolite ., ezetimibe glucuronide (EZM-G) in various matrices was accomplished by gradient HPLC with UV detection. The assay procedure involved deproteinization of 500   μL of either incubation or bile sample containing analytes and internal standard (IS, theophylline) with 75   μL acetonitrile containing 25% perchloric acid. An aliquot of 100   μL supernatant was injected onto a C 18 column. The chromatographic separation was achieved by gradient elution consisting of   M formic acid:acetonitrile:methanol:water at a flow rate of   mL/min. The detection of analyte peaks were achieved by monitoring the eluate using an UV detector set at 250   nm. Nominal retention times of IS, EZM-G, ezetimibe ketone glucuronide (EZM-KG), EZM and EZM-K were , , , and   min, respectively. Average extraction efficiencies of EZM, EZM-G and IS was >75–80% and for EZM-K was >50% from all the matrices tested. Limit of quantitation (LOQ) for EZM, EZM-K and EZM-G was   μg/mL. Due to the lack of availability of reference standard of EZM-KG, the recovery and LOQ aspects for this metabolite were not assessed. Overall, the method is suitable for simultaneous measurement of EZM, and its phase-I and phase-II metabolite (EZM-G) in in vitro and in vivo studies.

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