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Machel Montano - Like Ah Boss (Doc & Jes Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Pop Ah Bottle (Kubiyashi Road Mix)
Machel Montano ft. Shaggy - Remedy (Refix)
Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias - Forgiveness (El Perdon) (DJ Buddha Soca Remix)
Olatunji - Ola (EDM Remix)
Olatunji - Ola (Ultimate Rejects Remix)
Ricardo Drue - Professional (DJ Crown Prince Edit)
Young Voice - Bass (Victorious Road Mix)

1st Klase ft. Busy Signal - Space Soca
5Star Akil - Island Adventure | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil - Noise | [Watch Music Video]
5Star Akil & Lyrikal - Untamed
Adana - Memorable
Alison Hinds - Woman Is Bad
Amanda - Carnival Cah Done (Forest Park Riddim)
Angel Journei - Tonight (Hot Tamale Riddim)
Angela Hunte & Machel Montano - Party Done
Anslem Douglas - Hornin de Hornaman
Ataklan - Riddim In Ah Meh | [Watch Music Video]
Ataklan - Supa Baddess
Benjai - Awesome (Jungle Book Riddim)
Benjai - Bad No Ras (Ancestry Riddim)
Benjai & Screws - No Ebola
Benjai ft. H20 Phlo - Phenominal (Kan Kan Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Blackie - Ram Jam
Blaxx - Place In Life
Blaxx - Wine And Stagga
Blaxx & Andrew Phillip - We Not Going Home (Homeless)
Buffy - Ban Meh
Bunji Garlin - Brace
Bunji Garlin - Cheers (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Cosmopolitan (Jungle Book Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Do It (Bitter Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Exodus
Bunji Garlin - Our Time
Bunji Garlin - Still Soca (Vibeat Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Truck On De Road (Jus-Jay x Nelieux Remix)
Bunji Garlin - We Up Dey
Bunji Garlin & Ataklan - Renegade Soca
Bunji Garlin & Fayann Lyons ft. Ace & Crim - Mard
Cassi - Madness
Champeon ft. Adam-O - 2Nite
Chezlon - Hold Ah Bottom
Chris Star - Roll Back
Christian Ramirez - All Night
Chucky Gordon - Doh Take It On
College Boy Jesse - Tipsy
Creig Camacho - Cyah Wait (Limewash Riddim)
Danielle - Like Ah African (Ancestry Riddim)
Darnella - Out On De Road (Kan Kan Riddim)
Denise Belfon ft. Trini Jacobs and Rochelle Chedz - Bag of Toys
Destra Garcia - Breathe (Ignition Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Give it To Them (Yuma Riddim)
Destra Garcia - In The Band (Vibezy Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Lucky (Day Fete Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Lucy | [Watch Music Video]
Destra Garcia - No Rest (Faze Tu Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Ooh La La Lay
Destra Garcia - Piece Ah Dat
Destra Garcia - This Bam Bam Is Yours (Island Flavas Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Throw Back (Triumph Riddim)
Dev - Play Me
Duce Man - Wine And Prove It (Zonto Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Balance (Flash Drive Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Cloud 9 (Jungle Book Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Come From (Jam Band Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Tanty
. - No Distance
Fadda Moses - Good O'Body
Faith Antoine - Like It
Farmer Nappy - Aroused
Farmer Nappy - Doh Find Me Rude
Farmer Nappy - Doh Remember (Day Fete Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Go Do Dat
Farmer Nappy - Loosen De Chain | [Watch Music Video]
Farmer Nappy - My House
Farmer Nappy ft. Alison Hinds - In Trouble (Patrol Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Break The World
Fay Ann Lyons - Don't Tempt Me (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Drift (Bitter Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Keep Some (Vibeat Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Raze
Fay Ann Lyons & Bunji Garlin - Doh Fraid
Fireball - Love You (Jump Start Riddim)
Flipo - Her Love (Kan Kan Riddim)
Flipo - Last Man Standing | [Watch Music Video]
Flipo - Sweat (Ignition Riddim)
Fryktion - Soca Man (Albino Riddim)
Fuhnominon - Breakaway
Fya Empress - Mo Bacchanal
Fya Empress & Andrew Phillips - Sweet Soca Music
GBM Nutron - (Problem Free Zone)
Islandboy Rick J - Give She
Iwer George - Play D Mas (TRIBE Riddim)
J Angel - Break Away
Jadel & Swappi - Jack Up On It
Jaiga - Liquor
Jaiga - Soca Story (Moja Love Riddim)
Juelio Rhino - (Zonto Riddim)
Jungle - Freedom
- Come Over (Ignition Riddim)
- I Don't Care (Vibezy Riddim)
- Keep Bouncing
& System32 - Baddest
K. Kay ft. Tim Starr, Neicy & Iroy - Let Loose (Hot Tamale Riddim)
Kahblis - Diz My Ting
KC - Water Coming Tru
Kenny D - My Carnival
Kerlz - Canboulay
Kernal Roberts - Soca State of Mind
Kernal Roberts and Kerwin Du Bois - Excitement | [Watch Music Video]
Kerwin Du Bois - Circles
Kerwin Du Bois - D Influence
Kerwin Du Bois - Love Up
Kerwin Du Bois - Magnetic
Kerwin Du Bois - No Apology
Kerwin Du Bois - Ridiculous
Kerwin Du Bois - Use It (Triumph Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois & Ravi B - Overdoing It
Kes the Band - Born Ready (Triumph Riddim)
Kes The Band - Fallin'
Kes The Band - Look Fuh Dat (Jam Band Riddim)
Kes The Band - Million
Kes The Band ft. Madmen - General Don
Kevon Carter - Hunting (We Out Dey)
KI & 3veni - Take Me Away (Suzuki 800 Riddim)
KI ft Skinny Fabulous & King Bubba FM - One More
King Bubba FM ft. Lead Pipe - Don't Bother We (Kan Kan Riddim)
King George (Iwer) - Last King
KMC - Calling
KMC - Favorite Song
KMC - Thing
- Applause
Kofi - Sorry From Now
Lil Bitts - Booty Bounce Lil Bitts - Burning Up

Prior to her appointment at Arquitectonica, Ms. Spear led the interior design efforts of Ennead Architects LLP, and before that was principal of her own firm in Miami and Manhattan.  Additional to her role at Arquitectonica, Ms. Spear serves as Co-Chair of the Dia:Beacon Council. She is available for new projects by appointment.

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